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Computer Tips

1. Spyware - Anti Virus - Operating System patches.

2. Virus Removal: Now for the nasty side of surfing the Internet.

3. Operating System patches:

You must update your computer with Operating System Patches.

To the extent Microsoft continues to support your operating system, they provide patch updates to for your computer and you can keep your PC updated via the internet. In order to do this, go to HTTP://WWW.WINDOWSUPDATE.COM, install the update program to your PC and let Microsoft determine what your PC needs. Then install the updates.

Microsoft also offers an "automatic" update capability that can be configured to run at a certain time. Because some of the updates are quite large, this may be a good option to consider depending on your Internet connection speed. (Note: you will need to reboot after certain patches, so keep going back to the Windows Update website until all the patches have been applied.)

If all this is a bit overwhelming for you or you need help getting your computer under control, please get in touch with us. We're here to help you.

Our Clients Say

When I first contacted my-computer-friend.com, my computer was running so slow that I thought I'd have to throw it away. But they fixed it!
– Dr. Y.M., Howland

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