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Who We Are

Located in North Eastern Ohio, My-Computer-Friend is a small but experienced staff with years of experience dealing with personal computers from Windows XP Vista and Windows 7. From personal computers to Windows 2003/2008 servers, our service is tailored to the professional business sector - but we help you at the office or at home. No job is too small or large. At our in-your-office visit, we'll provide an initial assessment of what we can do to help your practice or business become the dependable technology you need.

"Our goal is to make your systems run as well as they can. The confidentiality of your information is our greatest priority. We solve problems, and that's all. If you need help with getting your PCs or Servers under control, contact us."

HIPPA and “Failure to protect“ lawsuits are on the rise. You could be at risk from a hidden, yet vital security vulnerability, which could expose your confidential data to would-be hackers. You read it every day in the news when confidential consumer information has been compromised. You could be subject to legal action if you have not taken precautions. The cost of prevention is insignificant compared to the lawsuits that could follow.

Today's business is tightly intertwined with computer technology. Your informational records are vital to your business or practice. Are they protected? Imagine what you would do if your computer lost all of these records. Unthinkable? It could and DOES happen. However, you'll be surprised at how little it would cost to provide the assurance that you WON'T lose your records. Just because this data is vital to your business doesn't mean it needs to cost you thousands of dollars to protect. We have developed simple, yet amazingly effective methods to safeguard your data. Whether you want total control of your backups or need cloud storage capability, we can make this a seamless and easy solution.

We are not your typical "Computer Nerds". We are different. We understand that the everyday professional isn't always that comfortable with all the technology and may even be somewhat fearful of what may happen if they push the wrong button or click on something.

"With over 27 years of experience with Windows Servers, Personal Computers, Routers, Wireless hubs and everything in between. - We have you covered!"

There are many service support people in the industry. So, why come to us? We are locally operated in the greater Warren, Ohio area. When you speak with us, its like talking to a friend, i.e. My-Computer-Friend. More than a catchy phrase - its who we are and what we do. We help you, so you can enjoy the full capacity your technology has to offer you.

What about the security of your equipment? If your computer were stolen, what would you do? We can help you locate it, and improve the likelihood you'll get it back! You heard that right! Get your PC back. Or, if necessary, we can provide the option to erase the hard drive to prevent sensitive data loss.

"I called the manufacturer help number - and after a half hour, finally got to someone I could barely understand. He finally told me to ship my PC back to the company and they'd fix it for $300." – Anonymous friend

Ever had this experience? Have you recently called "tech-support" and end up speaking to someone who you can barely understand? Too much techno-jargon? Can't understand what they want you to do? The "tech-support" person might be somewhere else in the United States or more likely, half way across the world. However, My-Computer-Friend is based in Ohio, not some foreign land. We help you figure out the problems, just as a friend would.

"My-Computer-Friend met me at Best Buy and helped me pick out my new PC and printer. When I got home, I had everything I needed and it was a cinch to setup. I knew if I had a problem, My-Computer-Friend could help me get it fixed!" – Anonymous friend

We think you get the idea behind "My-Computer-Friend" and our approach. Our service takes all the guesswork out of the technology for you. Whether you need help fixing a problem, or deciding what to do with your computer, everyone needs a computer friend from time to time to help them.

We help customers one at a time, by appointment, and can provide as little or as much help with your computer as you need. If we think it would cost too much for your computer to get fixed, we'll tell you that too!

Serving the professional and residential consumer, in the greater Youngstown, Warren, and Cleveland Ohio areas, we help professional, commercial, educational facilities and everything in between at cost-effective rates.

Did You Know

From USA Today - "Unprotected PCs can be hijacked in minutes"

Simply connecting to the Internet - and doing nothing else - exposes your PC to non-stop, automated break-in attempts by intruders looking to take control of your machine surriptitiously.

We're always telling you how important anti-virus and firewall software is for securing your home PC - the Internet is a dangerous place for unprotected PCs. A reformed ex-hacker gives a demonstration of how much damage a worm or virus can do to your home computer. According to the article:

"We set up a poor Windows XP machine with no firewall or anti-virus software - connecting it to the Internet ... how long would it take before we were hit by something nasty on the Net? Hours, minutes? As it turned out - eight seconds!"

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